Citizens United


Written & Directed
Kevin Knoblock

David N. Bossie
Kevin Knoblock

Newt Gingrich
Callista Gingrich

Executive Producer
Lawrence Kadish

Executive Producer
David N. Bossie

Executive Producers
Newt Gingrich
Callista Gingrich

Kasey Kirby

Directors of Photography
Kasey Kirby
Dain Valverde
Matthew A. Taylor

Director of Production
Tien Pasco

Post Production Supervisor
Matthew A. Taylor

Michael Josephs

Associate Producer
Lauren A. Fleming

Post Production Associate Producer
Juliet Maggio

Field Producer
J.T. Mastranadi

Appearances by
Tony Blankley
Ambassador John Bolton
Senator Christopher Bond
Debra Burlingame
Secretary Michael Chertoff
Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury
Steven Emerson
Frank J. Gaffney Jr.
Jessica Hansen
M. Zuhdi Jasser
Michael Ledeen
Bernard Lewis
Andrew McCarthy
Walid Phares
Melanie Phillips
Reihan Salam
Michael Scheuer
Marc Thiessen
Leila Hunt Willingham
R. James Woolsey

Additional Appearances By
Nelly Braginsky
Simon Deng
Francine Lipstein

Associate Editors
Clare Burns
Jorge Schmidt

Production Assistants
Dylan Myers
Zachary Carlton
Kate Brewster
Julie Drinkard
Jason Nguyen
Arielle Barnett
Mya Brewster
Barry Strongin

Clearance Coordinators
Lauren A. Fleming
Juliet Maggio

Additional Photography
John Chiappardi
Chris Arnold
Dave Brillhart
Garth Gunberg
Phil Gries
Jeff Halperin
Matt Trub
Kevin Knoblock

Assistant Camera
Jorge Schmidt

Graphic Designer
Carol Hilliard

Sound Technicians
Jim Gilcrest
Jonathan Cohen
Cameron Bartlett
Joshua Hilson
Ken Paxton
Alex Herrera
Alex Burdick
Steve Rogers
Scott Terhark
Don Barto Jr.

Steve Seitz
Donald Aros
Tim Gordon
Doug Wallick
Anthony Selvaggi
Eric Bugash
Richard Usrey
Joe Lankford
Homer Martin
Peter Roof

Assistant Grips
Philip Arnold
David Kelly Harraghy

Teleprompter Operators
Mike Bryan
John Tatagliano
Kelly Harraghy

Rhonda Jenkins
Carolyn Marie
Michele Mundell
Tamara Robertson
Beth Ryan
Lucy Santamassimo
Kristin Siivonen
Michelle Bengston
Lauretta McCoy

Hair Stylist
Tatjana Belajic

J.T. Mastranadi

Best Boy
Griffin Bossie

Best Girls
Isabella Bossie
Lily Campbell Bossie

Post Production
Henninger Media Services
Ott House Audio
Amigo Media LLC
Interface Media Group

Audio Mixer
Cheryl Ottenritter

Robbie Carman

Travel Coordinators
Lauren A. Fleming
Kate Brewster

Legal Counsel
Michael Boos
Christian Berg
Robert Vandervoort

Lauren Catts

Matt Palumbo

Director of Development
Brendan McIntyre

Website Design
Kirk Risinger

Linda Britt
Aziz Ahmed

Special Thanks
Susan Bossie
Randie Knoblock

Alicia Melvin
Ross Worthington
Brady Cassis
Vince Haley
Rick Tyler
Sonya Harrison
Bess Kelly
Michelle Selesky
Joe Desantis
Kathy Lubbers
Jorge Hurtado

Gingrich Productions
Gingrich Communications

Brad White
Lexi White
David Snow
Nancy Zuckerman, Statue Cruises
Eli Morse, Altour

Absolute Video Productions
Motion Picture & TV Development
National Park Services
New Jersey Department of Parks & Forestry
New Jersey State Park Police

America Enterprise Institute
Center for Security Policy
Chertoff Group, LLC
Foundation for Defense of Democracies
Liberty Landing Marina
Liberty State Park
Miss New York Ferry
Pioneer Astronautics
Scott and White Memorial Hospital
Witherspoon Institute
Zuccotti Park, NY

Cosi Catering
Hilton Garden Inn, Temple
Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill
Latham Hotel, Washington DC
New York Marriott Marquis
The Madison, Washington DC
The Ritz Carlton, Battery Park

InfoCision Management Corporation
Gary Taylor
Carl Albright
Heidi Dougherty
Brad White
Mike Shonk
Josh Kaluzne
Dan Revlock
Allan Shuluga

The Omada Group
Todd Grable
Matt Palumbo

HSP Direct
Jamie Hogan
Amy Paul
Matt Schenk

Mike Murray
Greg Christman

Archival Footage Provided by
ABCNews VideoSource
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Special Appreciation
The Members and Supporters of Citizens United

Board of Directors of Citizens United
Brian Berry
David N. Bossie
Douglas L. Ramsey
John Bliss
Kirby Wilbur
Ron Robinson

Citizens United Productions in association with
Gingrich Productions and
Peace River Company, LLC

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